Jan 23, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Ethan!

On January 11th my Boy turned 4 years old. I am so proud of him and I love this little ball of fire!
He had a great week of Birthday Celebration. Since his Birthday fell on a Tuesday we had dinner at his favorite restaurant, Chick fil a, and mommy made cupcakes. He was supposed to take cupcakes to school for his Birthday but it snowed and school was closed. This worked out great for Ethan. That meant his cousins Dylan and Evan didn't have school either, so he went to his mamaw's and got to play in the snow and eat cupcakes with his cousins and they sang Happy Birthday to him. He did however have school on Thursday and I made brownies and he said they sang Happy Birthday to him there too. When I picked him up Thursday after work at my mom's he said to me....mom you and daddy sang Happy Birthday to me, at mamaw's Dylan and and Evan sang Happy Birthday to me, at school today they sang Happy Birthday to me and at my party on Saturday you will all sing Happy Birthday to me.......That means I will get Happy Birthday sung to me 4 times and I'll be 4. Isn't he cute!!!
On Saturday the 15th we had him a Pirate Birthday Party at the Recreations Play land. They have a ton of things for the kids to do. The kids had a great time and Ethan is still talking about his party.
I will have to post pic's later as I am a bad parent and forgot to bring my camera, and so Thank God my friend Britt had hers and we took pic's on her camera. When I get these from her I will post and edit to this post.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ETHAN! Mommy, Daddy and Samara love you so very much!!!

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