Feb 13, 2011

jumping, horses and happy feet

It's amazing what a year can bring, and it's equally amazing just how fast that year can go, and as we begin to approach that year mark (6 weeks away from gotcha day) I sit here this morning watching Ethan and Samara playing together amazed at the amount of progress she's made, they've made as siblings and all of us together as a family. Leah and I had our 6 year anniversary a couple weeks ago, Valentines day is tomorrow and Leah turns 30 in just 10 short days.......and I just want to begin by saying how lucky, blessed and truly thankful I am for my wife and my kids and how great this past year has been!

Yesterday as we prepared to get our taxes done I stumbled across the picture we had taken of her in Moscow for her passport, and while holding that picture I watched her playing in the floor and I couldn't believe what a difference a year has created in my beautiful little girl. Although some of her growth has been slower than what we hoped for, and compared to what we hear and read from others and on blogs, I know in my heart that she is healthy, smart and full of life.

The stoic look on her face then has now been replaced by smiles and laughter, unless of course she is tired and has turned into "crankopotamus", but from a girl who only laughed or smiled when she was tickled, to one who giggles and cackles at everything from running to yawning is miraculous in itself. Our little princess is so active and is talking so much these days, and we're always in awe of each and every step she makes!

Some of Samara's latest, greatest enjoyments in life are her love for jumping, her new love of her rocking horse and happy feet, which may be her favorite movie. Samara has always enjoyed being swung around, tossed in the air and anything else that would resemble a trip to the circus, but now she has learned that she can provide herself a small sample of that same feeling. She now loves (right now as I'm trying to type this she's trying to climb up on me asking me "pease" to tickle her, and it has become a game between both kids to climb on me and get tickled over and over) to climb up on the coffee table, or couch or chair, and jump off onto the floor over and over again laughing and giggling the entire time. She'll even applaud her efforts and give a big "yea" or "woo hoo" as she climbs back up. When you first see this little body doing this you get a bit worried, however after watching her jump and seeing how much strength and control she has in her legs it's really cool to watch.

Samara hasn't really ever been, at least to this point anyway, into her toys and she just doesn't really stay focused on one thing for long. Lately this has changed a bit and one of the toys she's found that she really likes is the rocking horse we bought for Ethan a couple years back. When she's in the mood (like right now) she will get on it and rock for a while. She learned very quickly to climb right on up and rock without much guidance, and now is a professional rocking horse cowgirl.

Lastly (well, not really but for this post it is) she loves the movie Happy Feet and screams with excitement when we turn it on. Whether she's watching it in the car or on the TV in the house she loves when the little penguin Mambo taps his little feet. If she's in the car when he begins she will kick her feet feverishly and giggle along while doing it, and this morning her and Ethan decided to do some tap dancing of their own in the kitchen. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch any video or shots of the action but I can attest to the absolute cuteness that was being displayed at the time. Leah and I just watched and laughed as the two of them tapped and slid across the floor like Gregory Hines (yes, I am that old).

I don't post much, although I have a new found affinity for following the blogs of the Caseys, the Currans and the Ortis family, and reading them this morning made me feel as though I had a small bit to add to the fun. Perhaps I'll find more time to post since I have so much inspiration surrounding me every minute I'm home with my two little monsters. Please enjoy along with the couple pics I've added.


  1. How was your Jamaican holiday?!

    Sounds like Samara is doing so well... I would love to hear her laugh! Clara has hit the terrible twos a little early and has been a big handful lately! It's been hard but still fun :) I wish CJ had a brother like Samara does!

    You know Clara is just like Samara - she loves to be tossed around, swung, held upside down, etc. She is also a climber... but not a jumper. Yet. I think Kevin would have a heart attack!

    How did you get Samara to say please? We've been saying please and thank you constantly but Clara isn't getting it. :)

    How could a year fly by so fast?! We are meeting with the social worker this Friday for post-placement report #2 and I just can't believe it.

    Glad to hear all is well with the Megerles!

  2. Sounds like yall are all doing great!!!!!! Samara is just adorable and just looks like she is loving her life!!!! I cant wait to hear how the Dr. goes. Kati is tiny tiny but has grown so much on the growth hormones with no side effects. The Dr. said she had alot of Russian kids who are all doing great!!!!! The Dr. predicted Kati would end up 5'2"!!!!!! Your family is beautiful and I cant wait to watch little Samara grow up!!!!!