Dec 16, 2009

Paper Chase Over...Hopefully!!!

Well since I posted last my agency called to let me know they were missing a document. Arghh....I triple checked that packet. Oh well..things happen for a reason Right?? It's ok though it all worked out, so our paperwork should be going to Russia either today or tomorrow. I think the paper chasing might be over. I hate saying that as now I'm sure I'll get another phone call. :)
Christmas shopping was pretty successful over the weekend. Only have two more gifts to get and already know what those are. Thank God! I am so excited about this Christmas even though Samara will not be home for it. Ethan is at such a great age and it's going to be fun. My new task is to bake lots and lots of my homemade Chocolate Chip cookies. Some of Justin's co-worker's are buying them from us so we can raise money for our adoption. I am going to be very busy in the kitchen.I guess that's all for now....

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