Dec 7, 2009

Working On Dossier # 2.....

We've been busy ever since we got back working on Dossier # 2. We had physical's again on Dec 1st and got the results back from all our bloodwork today..HIV/VDRL/TB Scan ..we are still all clean..:)
Justin picked up the letter from our pediatrician saying that Ethan is healthy and would make a great big brother. :)
We got Finger Print Cards at the Jailhouse, Proof of Home Ownership from the bank and the list goes on.
So we have everything we need now we just have to get it all Notarized,(Thank God for Vicky who does this for us, she has been a god send)Certified at the court and then apostilled in Columbus. Once this is completed we can make the copies and send to our agency and then wait to hear back about a court date. We hope to have Dossier # 2 in our agency's hands by this Friday.
We both miss Baby Y like crazy..

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  1. I am so excited for you all! I was getting teary just reading your blogs. Congrats and I love you!