Nov 29, 2009

Leaving Russia Today....Feeling Bittersweet

Even after posting a book last night I still left out alot of good details....Like the weather here..It's actually unseasonably warm 30-40 degrees and rainy ...It should be snowing. Our Driver Val said that it had been 40 days with NO sunshine, a record here. So that's why when we were on our way to the orphanage and the sun came out, I thought wow this is a good sign. It made us smile. Funny how little things like that make you feel warm inside. I never really gave you much details about our little princess Samara..she has the biggest blue eyes..just like her brother and blonde hair. When they brought her out to us she was wearing a bright pink romper and a pink bonnet with bear ears and some cute pink booties. They really dressed her cute for us. You wouldn't believe the amount of clothes they put on these babies and it's not ike it's cold in the orphanage. They have the heat cranked up. They believe that dressing them up so warm will keep them from catching colds but she has a pretty bad cough and runny nose. We were prepared for that though. She was so engaging. She would gaze at us and put her tiny little hands on our faces. She loves her daddy's facial hair. She played with his hair a long time. Justin was saying Mama to her over and over and she started to try to pucker her lips like she wanted to say it but it never came out. She was trying though. We can tell though that she is a fighter and is doing so well for her very hard start in life. Even with how good she is doing she still needs alot of help to get up to speed and some medical attention. We are thankful to be the ones to give her that chance. Ok sorry for starting to write another book. There is just so much I want to say....I'll sum it up this way so my title of this post will make since.....We look forward to coming back home because we miss Ethan so much it hurts...but at the same time it hurts us to leave her here. I keep telling myself it won't be too much longer but 2-3 months right now seems like forever.....


  1. I am so excited to read your posts. I have checked like every 20 minutes since you left, here and skype. lol. I miss you something crazy and can't wait till your home and can't wait to hear every last detail about Samara. I love you guys,have a good trip home. I can start planning the shower now!

  2. Wow Leah - I have tears in my eyes reading your posts. I am so happy and excited for you and your family. Samara truly is such a lucky girl and so blessed to have a wonderful future beginning with you soon! -- Joelle

  3. I love that there was a deranged criminal on your flight to moscow! that had to be setting the tone for disaster in your mind, only to have a great meeting with your future child. Thanks for all the details...can't wait for visits #2 and #3..
    love mike, julie, and olive

  4. Leah, Justin & Big Brother Ethan,
    We are so excited for you! What a surprise when Justin told us and Ethan is so cute telling us about Samara. Justin showed us her picture and she is so beautiful and does resemble Ethan. I can't wait to meet her and when Ethan and Samara are big enough to come up the hill to spend time with us. We love having you as neighbors.
    Stay strong and before you know it Samara will be home.
    Love, Phil & Patty