Nov 22, 2009

T minus 2 Days

Busy, busy and busy....My brother Mike and his wife Julie who live in Boston and we haven't seen in a year are in town. We spent last night with them and plan on spending some time with them tonight as well. It's so good to see them and catch up. They are going to take us to the airport on Tuesday. We appreciate that!
Well we still have a few more things to get before we will be ready to leave but we are getting closer. We are so excited and it still hasn't completely set in yet that in 5 days we will be meeting our daughter. Seems surreal. Not sure when it's really going to hit me. We are going to miss Ethan tremendously and miss spending the holiday without our family but I think this is going to be a Thanksgiving we will never forget and a very THANKFUL one too!

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