Nov 14, 2009

So much to little time....

It's Saturday and we spent the morning/afternoon trying to raise some money with another yard sale(our 3rd) to help with the expenses of our adoption....not a successful day as we only earned a whopping $7.00 :( ....the weather was beautiful but I think it was just too late in the year.
We have a Brand New Budweiser Grooler for Sale if anyone is in the market or knows anyone who would be. Great Christmas gift!!! Had to put it out there. ;)
We are so grateful at how fast the adoption is moving since we didn't even expect to get a referral until after the first of the year but since it has come so fast we are now scrambling to make sure we can get the funds we need.
We were banking on having more time to come up with all the money and well you can't always predict. I cannot believe tomorrow will be 9 days until we leave. This trip we don't need to bring too much. We are saying prayers and keeping our fingers crossed that we will get it all together in time. to get Ethan into bed..Guess that's all for tonight.

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