Aug 29, 2010

22 Months Today! Only 2 more months til the Big "2"

In just a few days Samara will have been home for 5 months and sometimes I cannot believe she has been home this long and it's like she been with us all along and other times I realize that 5 months is not very long at all and realize how long of a road it will be. Not to say that she hasn't made incredible strides because she has...tremendously.
She is a beautiful little girl with a lot of spunk. We are still working on attachment which is a loooonng road but I know one day we will get there, fully there. For the most part a lot of her little things she does that come from being in an orphanage for 17 months still rare their ugly head and sometimes several times or more a day. We have good days and not so good days...but really who doesn't ...orphanage or not!
I worked a car show today so daddy was home with kids for about 5 hrs without me.....he said that Ethan and Samara played really well together for an hour just playing cars on the floor. zooming them around the carpet and making motor noises....I know, I know..... listen when you have an older brother it's not tutu's and tiaras all the time! LOL
Sometimes I cannot stop myself and I look at her and my mind wonders back to Russia and her orphanage and I think how blessed we are to have this little girl in our lives.
Ethan loves his little sister so much, today he said to Justin in a little loving and adoring voice "Awww isn't she just so sweet dad?" as he patted her head like a dog! LOL....that's my Ethan.
I'm already planning getting a start on planning her Birthday...Well a little. I bought an adorable little tutu dress that I am going to have embroidered with her name and a #2. I'll post a pic of that when I have that done.
It's off to bed for me......back to work tomorrow. YUCK! Why does the weekend go so fast?

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