Aug 1, 2010

Haircut by Dad

So, Ethan really needed a haircut, and with today being Sunday and not being able to take him to see the barber, I decided to give him a trim to hold him over until we can go see Rick. Other than the time I tried to cut my own hair as a kid, this is my first official attempt at cutting hair........and I'll let you be the judge! Ethan was all gung-ho about letting me trim him up until we got into it, then he was itchy and squirmy and wouldn't hold still for anything...........imagine that, a 3 year old not wanting to sit still while getting a haircut??
This isn't so bad....wait, we just got started...

Really Mom, we have to document everything??

The finished product.
The best part of this haircut for Ethan was getting to take a shower afterwards, the kid loves to take showers! I'm sure this wasn't the best cut ever given by a beard and mustache trimmer, but it will certainly hold him over until we can go see a professional.


  1. Nice work Justin - he looks adorable. Oh wait, he always looks adorable so maybe the haircut doesn't have anything to do with it. Ha ha!

  2. The haircut looks really good! I think you could call this one a success.

    Just got caught up on your posts today and Wow!! Samara is just so beautiful and is making such amazing progress. I cannot believe how far she has come in such a short amount of time. It is a true testament to what wonderful, loving, and nurturing parents you both are! Keep up the great work mama!!