Jul 31, 2010

21 Months and Tubes in both ears

Life is busy, busy, my brother and his wife were in from Boston so our evenings after work were spent with family and I didn't have a chance to post about Samara turning 21 months old on Thursday. I know I'm such a slacker, and yesterday she had tubes put in and was a BIG trooper.
I am hoping and praying that having the tubes will really start to help with her speech, balance and development as a whole, along with better health of course.
For those of you who know I have volunteered to help with an event that Cincinnati Children's Hospital puts on every year for the IAC to help raise money for programs and needs that the IAC has. The IAC at CCH is such a great resource and I feel very privileged to be a part of it. It is in November at the Oscar Event Center and it is for a great cause. I got a call this week and was asked if they could use Samara's picture on the front of the invitation to represent Russia. I thought it was so sweet for them to have thought of our little girl. The invitation is going to be a globe and they are going to have several children's faces representing their countries. Very cool!

Also at this event they have a fashion show and it is put on by all the adopted kids. So I think I am going to have Samara in it. Not sure how she will do but I will try. :)

I also want to talk about my boy.....my little Ethan is growing up and looking so mature these days. I cannot believe how quickly it happens, he is so handsome. He is also a rotten stinker but so handsome. :) He loves his little sister and can be so good with her sometimes and it melts my heart. Other times not so much but hey they are siblings and it's not like they are going to be hugging and kissing each other all the time! :)

I am going to try and take some more pic's and post them soon.

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