Jul 14, 2010


Monday was Samara's 3 month Check up at the CCHMC IAC and even though her growth in weight isn't that big her growth in development is amazing to me.
She has gained 2lbs and grown 2 inches. Whoohoo....for those of you who know how hard our first 8 weeks home were with her lack of eating know that her gaining 2 lbs is an act of GOD.
When she was first evaluated her Development was as follows:
Gross Motor: 12 mos Language: 8 mos Fine Motor:12 mos Personal/Social: 12 mos
Now they are: (Look at this improvement)
Gross Motor: 17 mos Language: 17 mos Fine Motor :17 mos Personal/Social: 16 mos

I am so happy at her progress. She amazes me all time....I wish you could all hear her when she is just babbling up a storm or when she says the words Baby or Bubbles...she has the cutest little voice.

As far as her sensory processing goes she still has some things that she does and has a hard time with but these are becoming less and less.

The doctors were very impressed. In fact even a bit shocked at all the improvements in our girl in just 3 months.

Her head even though still small has grown and more importantly has changed shape. When the Doc was feeling her head she said her head is so different from the first time. This is apparent by just looking at it.

We look forward to watching her change and blossom over the next months and years to come.

Her 2nd Birthday is in October and I have already been thinking about what to do. Even though it will be her 2nd Birthday it's her first with us and we will make it so very special.

I will add some pic's soon.


  1. Samara's progress IS amazing... chalk that up to the love of her family!!! Absolutely adorable picture :)