Jul 18, 2010

Some Pic's from Today...Looking so mature these days!!!

Here we go again with the picture taking! Come on Mom!!
OK, Here's a smile for ya!

Absolutely Stunning Baby Blues!!! Look at those features....We are in so much trouble when she gets bigger!!!

" Seriously how many pictures are you going to take mom"?

Smiling Pretty!

Dancing in the Kitchen

Signing "More"...ready for a snack...that was a long shoot!!

Look at those fine motor skills!!!


  1. Leah-
    She looks SO amazing! You guys have done a wonderful job to get all of her skills improved to that level. She's looker better and better every time you post photos. Well, keep us in your prayers because things are just at a stand still. I sure hope we don't have to resubmit Dossier #1. LOL Take Care!

  2. She does look wonderful Leah and, you're right, you two are in BIG trouble when she grows up - what a beauty! Most importantly it looks like she's so happy and having so much fun. Hope to see you all soon!

  3. Leah ~ you and Justin are gonna have to be on your toes when Samara gets older ~ she will have boys falling at her feet! The latest pictures show such a happy & beautiful little girl. I must say those sandals are out-of-control cute :)