Jun 20, 2010

Back to work tomorrow.......I'm so emotional today

So today is such a bitter sweet day. We had a great day visiting our family and giving our Dad's a good pat on the back but I cannot stop thinking about going back to work tomorrow.
I miss the kids like crazy already and I haven't even left them yet. I am so emotional, I cry when I even think about it. I'm trying to remain positive as I was able to take the full 12 weeks off and have seen Samara make huge strides in the last few weeks.
Tomorrow is going to be tough but this isn't the first time, I went through this when I went back after having Ethan. It was just as hard then as it is now.
I Thank God for my wonderful, beautiful family. We are so blessed.

I'm getting ready for bed and I'm going to try not to cry myself to sleep.
I'm also going to try to figure out how to win the lottery....


  1. I'm working on figuring that one out too! I love ya girl stay strong

  2. I feel for you... I go back fulltime in 3 weeks and am dreading it. Already I'm working a little from home during naps/late at night trying to catch up on emails/projects. YUCK. We've got to figure out a way to move out of LA ~ it's just too expensive to live here :(

  3. I know you've been through it all before but, you're right, it's no easier the second time around. Always remind yourself how fortunate you are to have such wonderful, willing family around to help. You're doing what you have to for your family and,as you know, it will get better. Love you, thinking of you and wishing you a happy week.