Jun 29, 2010

Samara is 20 Months Today

My little princess is now only 4 months away from turning "2"...where does the time go?
Samara is doing so much better, I am so happy at how much she has progressed in the last month. Her eating, chewing, swallowing has come so far. She is eating a variety of textures and foods....even some cooler temperature foods like yogurt which she wouldn't even go near two weeks ago.
She is gaining weight and filling out. She is getting quite the little tan too. Who knew our little pale russian girl would have a beautiful tan glow.....it's amazing what love, nutrition and some sunlight will do. :)
We went to ENT (ear, nose and throat) doctor this past Thursday and Samara is having tubes put in on July 30th. She still has fluid on her ears that has been there since she got home.

Her 3 month check up at the IAC is on July 12th, I'm looking forward to sharing all her progress.

We also have a genetics appointment on August 5th.

Samara is also starting to say some words...Baby, Bubbles, Thank you......She doesn't say them often but when we say them over and over again to her she will say them back. Of course not when you are trying to show someone else. LOL

I will post some pictures soon, I am so behind and I have neglected this blog bad. I haven't even read any of the blogs I follow either. Being back to work has rocked my boat and I'm still trying to get it to stabilize.

We have a busy weekend coming up and looking forward to spending three days with my babies!


  1. I keep a watch on here for an update all the time and am so happy that Samara is doing SO well with eating. I know it has taken yours and Justin's love to help her adjust. We precontracted with the IAC you're seeing and I like the clinic personnel so far. :-) Just waiting on a referral. Seems like it's taking forever. Hope the picnic last weekend was fun!

  2. Keep up the good work Mommy! You've done so good.

  3. It was so great to see you all last weekend, and wonderful to see all the progress Samara's making. It's all thanks to what a loving family she's a part of! Good luck as you ease into your new life as a working mother of two -welcome to the club!

  4. She looks like a fairy princess! What a beauty! Where do you find such cute dresses & hairbows???