Jun 6, 2010

Ethan's First Dentist Visit....He was so GOOD!!!

I have been meaning to post about this for a few days. Ethan had his first teeth cleaning this past Wednesday. I was a little nervous about it, I thought he might freak out...but to my surprise my Boy is getting so big and was awesome. Never complained and listened so well. They complimented him over and over again. I was so proud of him.
It's so neat that he has the same dentist as me and I have been going to Dr. Tom since I was Two!! I LOVE my dentist...most people do not say they love their Dentist but I really do. He is such a nice and funny guy. Also his son is in the practice and once Dr. Tom retires I will see his son Dr. Brian. Justin already sees Dr. Brian. The really cool thing is that Dr. Brian has adopted two children, a boy from Siberia Russia and a little girl from Peru.

Anyway I wanted to post some pic's of my Big Boy.....By the way he needed a hair cut. Just over look the fact that his mother was slacking on that. By the way his hair has been cut since. :)

Waiting to get my teeth Cleaned!!!
Getting my teeth cleaned!

Look at my Clean teeth Mom!!

The BIG tooth where you get a toy after being really good getting your teeth cleaned!

It's the same one I used to get a toy from....Awwwww!!!!

I picked Big Orange Monster Teeth.....How do my teeth look?


  1. Good to see that your son had no problem with his first visit to your dentist. I remember the time when I took my nephew to the dentist, since his mother couldn't take him due to her busy schedule. He was crying on the way. But after his appointment, it looked really happy that I took him to the dentist.

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  3. It’s delightful to hear how much you love your dentist. It’s really unbelievable because dentists can be terrifying sometimes. Anyway, it only means that Dr. Tom is one amazing dentist and he knows ways to make his patients feel comfortable. It's good that your son's dentist is someone you already know and trust. By the looks of it, I think Ethan enjoyed his dentist visit.

    Gerald Regni