Oct 13, 2010

1 Year Ago today we received Samara's Referral

It's hard to believe that a year ago today we got news that would change our lives. I remember sitting at work at my desk and getting the phone call from our agency around 11:oo am.
I saw the number on my caller ID but since it had been less than two weeks since we submitted our dossier to Russia I just figured they needed more paperwork but to my surprise when I answered the phone, Andrea said "Leah" in a different voice than usual and my stomach started to hurt right then and there. She said are you sitting down...I said yes as my voice was quivering, she said we have a referral for you and she's beautiful. I lost it right then and there. I didn't know a thing about her or what she looked like and I was already a mess. I was crying and honestly in disbelief. We had been told it would take 2-4 months to get a referral. She said she was going to e-mail me her medical and her picture and I should have in in less than 5 minutes. I was shaking, excited , nervous and scared. Those few minutes waiting on her picture and medical to arrive felt like it took forever. When it came in my inbox and I opened it....I saw her amazing and stunning blue eyes. She was so bald and so small. I forwarded it all to Justin as we read and looked it over, and over, and over.
That was a Tuesday and we had to let them know by Friday if we would except her referral or not. I barely got any work done those two days waiting on a response from the IA DR. I also could barely eat or sleep. I was a total mess.
When Dr.Staat finally called Thursday evening with her assessment of her medical and picture
I thought I was going to faint waiting on what she had to say. It wasn't roses and chocolate that came outta her mouth...but I had peace about flying half way across the world to meet this little angel. Justin on the other hand was scared and was not sure. We did decide that we would go and we are so glad that we did. Samara isn't perfect but who is? She was meant for our family and has progressed leaps and bounds since she came home only 6 months ago.
We are so blessed to have her as a part of our family.

Our first glimpse- referral picture

Our first meeting -They dressed her really cute for us!

It's unbelievable to me how much she has changed since then.

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  1. Such a beautiful story for a beautiful family. You were all meant for each other and we're so happy to have been witnesses to all of it. Love you!!!