Oct 4, 2010

6 Month Update at the IAC

So today was a loonng day at Children's Hospital...5 hrs to be exact. 9am-2pm...whew..Thank God I took a whole day off work!!!

Today was good, Samara is growing but slowly. :)

She finally hit the 20lb mark. Although her weight and head circumference still are not on the growth curve, her height is barely hitting the curve. Dr. Staat was very please with her progress and couldn't believe how well she looked and the difference in 6 months. That made us feel so good. We know in our hearts that she has made a huge improvement but sometimes when you see her everyday it's hard to see the whole picture, if you know what I mean.

Like a dummy I left all my paperwork from her new accessment so I don't remember exactly where she scored on all her development but it was from 18-21 months.

I will add it in when they send it in the mail to me.

We had lots of discussion around Samara's behavioral issues and how to deal with them and what is acceptable and what isn't. We are also going to schedule weekly visits with OT for her ensory integration. I felt like our visit was really good and lots of great discussion.

We spoke with the social worker on our concerns with attachment and bonding and she made us feel better about all the great signs that Samara is showing for attachment. This has always been one of my big concerns as I think it is with most adoptive parents.

So I know I had discussed on an earlier post about the Tutu dress that I got for Samara's 2nd Birthday...I had it embroidered yesterday and I am very pleased with the way it turned out...Let me know what you think!

I have some pic's I need to upload but I need to go get Justin from work...It's been a bit crazy lately. His car is in the shop again, second time in a month and our really nice 50" Samsung Plasma TV of only 2 1/2 years old went out on us...YUCK....Oh well stuff just happens sometimes right??? Oh wanna hear the funny part we are watching a 19" TV right now...LOL...it's quite a differnce to go from a 50" to a 19"...LOL...We are sitting really close to the TV.


  1. The birthday dress is adorable!! Can't wait to celebrate her birthday with you guys, she's come such a long way. Glad to hear she's progressing - how could she not with so much love all around her.

  2. Leah,

    What a GREAT idea! Her dress is beautiful. I wish our princess was here with us now because she turns 2 tomorrow and since Vlad is a day ahead of us, she already is 2. All I can say is her 3rd birthday is going to be a BIG bash!!! Samara looks SO happy and I am glad things are going better for all of you. Thanks for continuing to be there for us as we reach those final stages, that seem to DRAG by daily. :-)