Oct 10, 2010

Another 1st...Going to Shaw Farm as a family of 4!!

Today is absolutely gorgeous here, it's 85 degrees. It was a perfect day to go to Shaw farm. The kids had a really great time and so did we! :) I thought it would be Super crowded since it's so nice out but it wasn't bad. I think most people were watching the game so it worked out great for us!
The only unfortunate thing is we took our camera to capture this fun day and guess what...our camera battery was dead!! Dang it...So the pictures we took are all from our phones! :(
Oh well at least we were able to document a little of it!!
They added a barrel train for the kids. This is so cute and Ethan and Samara rode it together. Ethan kept his arm around her the entire time. Sometimes he can be so sweet...keep in mind I said sometimes. LOL
Here are some of the pic's from today! By the way Samara kept her sun glasses on the entire time. I was amazed.


  1. Oh my gosh, Leah! She is a cutie pa-tootie and Ethan is a heartbreaker!!! I LOVE how Ethan had his arm around her on the little ride. I can't wait until we get Katie home and we're able to get all the kids together, finally meet in person and let them play. I think that would be awesome. What do you think about scheduling a play date for them when it warms up again...or even before! We should be all settled in at that point and bonded enough with her to go do something fun with the kids...heck, even IF it's cold, there's always Dave and Busters or some inside play area.

    I was going to go to the IAC fundraiser the first weekend of Nov, but instead I am going to be traveling to Louisville to do a maternity photo shoot for a friend so I can build up that section of my portfolio.....

  2. Before you know it, that one year post adoption report will sneak right back up on you! I am living vicariously through you because now that we have finished our 2nd dossier, this waiting is KILLER!!!

  3. I swear Samara looks like Clara Jane's older sister! Both of the kids look SO happy ~ awesome.