May 21, 2010

Don't be superstitious!

So, not to jinx anything, but our little man has decided, somewhat like a light switch going off, that he is now going to really begin going on the "big boy potty" and start wearing "big boy underwear". Unfortunately I was at work when this all went down but Ethan has made huge strides since yesterday in his potty training.

Yesterday Leah called me at work to tell me that he woke up with a dry diaper and wanted to go on the potty, and then when Leah took him to her Mom's (with a diaper on) he went on the potty there too without ever using the diaper. So, Leah's Mom put some Star Wars "big boy underwear" on him and throughout the rest of the day he either went on the potty or out in the yard......boys will be boys! :)

I really needed to mow the grass last night when I got home, so Ethan helped me the entire way riding his 4 wheeler and wearing his safety goggles. When it was time to hit the back yard I turned the corner only to find my son in all his glory watering the weeds.........I was SO PROUD! My first thought was "son, what are you doing", but that quickly led to "good job buddy"!

We realize that this process will not be without "accidents", and last night during his bath with his sister one of those moments happened. Funny thing is that he was worried we would be mad at him so he decided to blame his sister..........however the size of said accident really told us otherwise. After a minute or two of asking and prodding him to tell the truth he finally gave in and cute......all we had to do is to let him know that accidents happen and that telling the truth was ok and we wouldn't be mad at him.

We put a diaper on him for bed (of course) hoping that he would wake to another dry diaper.........and he did, so it was "big boy underwear" again. Unfortunately another accident happened, this time in the kitchen and again it was #2.......uh oh! :)

Since then he's been doing great, and as a matter of fact he's been doing great with the peeing, it's just been the poo poo that he's had his mistakes with, but compared to where we were just two days ago we couldn't ask for anything more. In fact, since this morning he's been wearing his cars "big boy underwear" and even took a three hour nap in them with no issues.......hooray for Ethan!!


  1. Yay! Two thumbs up for Ethan! The fact that he is making these big strides so soon after Samara has come home is a true testiment to what loving and nurturing parents you both are! Way to go Megerles!

  2. It's so true that with boys, you can't do anything but wait and one day, they just make up their minds to start using the potty. Thank you for the peeing in the weeds story, you jump started my very tired Monday morning with a big laugh! Good luck with continued progress on the potty front!