May 19, 2010

Swallow Test.....Back for more tomorrow

Ok so I am way behind posting about the swallow test...I want to start out by saying wow this procredure was pretty amazing. Samara was sat in this chair and all the food I fed her was mixed with a compound and they were watching it on a video screen right there in front of us while I was feeding her. Her classic gagging and couging on food happened while we were there. Thank God. There is nothing worse than telling your Doc something and then while you are there it doesn't happen.
The good thing is she doesn't have a swallow problem...her problem stems from several things. The really bad way she was fed in the orphanage and her very, very immature oral skills or lack there of. She swallows food immediately....or eats very fast. Which is why she gags. If you think about it even if you eat a soft food like pudding your mouth tongues it and moves it around before you swallow. She doesn't. She just swallows and swallows it all. Now with liquid she does it a little differently. She holds it all in her mouth and then swallows it all at once causing her to gag because she is drowning herself. So sad.....So the speech pathologist Rueben, who by the way was absolutely wonderful is seeing her again tomorrow to figure it what to do. We are back to a completely strict babyfood diet. Only very smooth and pureed diet until we get her oral skills better. She's not the biggest fan of babyfood but I am sprucing it up, or I should say trying to.
I am looking forward to the appointment in the morning. Hoping he finds something that no one else has and comes up with a great fix. LOL....wishful thinking.

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  1. It's great to hear they're making progress in defining her problems which has to make you feel like there's at least an idea of where to start. You're doing so great with her and I'm sure with the help of all these professionals, she'll be improving quickly. Good luck, I've got you all in my prayers and we can't wait to watch Samara grow!