May 30, 2010

A New Post...Way Over due

Where to begin?? Ethan's Potty Training is going great.....we gave him a big gift of a Dyna City for his cars this morning for how well he has done. I think he is absolutely on board, it's been so long since he has had an accident, and when he does he gets upset with himself. We are so proud of him and extremely happy that we now do not have TWO in Diapers!! GO Ethan!!!

Samara has had some better days with eating, but to be honest she's not the best at eating and is not into food. Not a good thing, but at least she hasn't puked in 5 days....whoohoo...this is a big deal since we were having lots of puking episodes. I have learned her cues a little better...and now know that she just cannot handle much food at one time. Alot less than you would think. She is going to therapy to strengthen her oral muscles and skills. We had her neurology appointment Thursday morning and came away with no new answers, so he just wants to watch and wait to see how much goes away with time. Since all her tests have come back normal he said there isn't any one thing with her that says it's something. He thinks some could be from the orphanage or her sensory problems etc... so I guess we will just wait and see....and do alot of praying!!!!

I have extended my leave and now return back to work on June 21st. It's hard on us financially but Samara really needs the time, and I am thankful that my husband supports this as it means being frugal. Thanks babe.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day and Justin is off work so we are spending time with the family.
Lunch at my mom's and dinner at Justin's mom's. Always busy on the holidays.
I hope everyone has a great holiday!

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  1. Great to hear you've had a few "puke free" days. I'm sure that's encouraging. You're doing GREAT and will come through this with flying colors. Congrats on the improvement in potty training. It's like there's a switch that goes off and suddenly they get it. I just wish Colton would flip that switch soon! We're always thinking of you guys and wishing you all the best! Hope to see you again soon!