May 14, 2010

Our one month appointment at CCH

So all in all Samara is making progress. She has gained a little weight, her head grew 1/2 centimeter and she is 29 1/2" tall. She had four shots and still needs two more, they didn't want to give them all at once. She had a chest x-ray to check again for TB and it was clear!! YEAH!! So she will take medicine once a day for 9 months for TB and she will be fine. She will always test positive but will have a card that states she is not active.
We also saw OT for her feeding and they have reccomended she is seen weekly for her eating issues...gagging, doesn't chew etc.... We know alot of these issues stem from the way she was fed at the orphanage. We have to try and undo a long time of negative experience that has caused these issues and also decipher what may be sensory related and what is caused from the negative feedings. We will get through this and with the help of some OT and also help me grow is coming out today for her first evaluation with them. My hope is that with both of these resources we can turn her feedings into something fun.
She has a swallow study test on Monday....I'll let you all know how that goes as well.
Please say a prayer for her.


  1. Glad to hear the good news & that you have CCHMC as a great resource! Praying for her...and you all! She is such a beauty!! Terry

  2. Awww! Poor baby..she is doing great, and it will only get better!

  3. Such good news on the TB! She is growing and that is awesome. Hope her feeding issues clear up soon ~ I know that is very stressful.