Apr 13, 2010

Because It's Tuesday and I need to update....

Well things have been hectic around the Megerle household, Justin has Bronchitus, Ethan has had a fever on off, and Samara isn't eating well and has been very whiney.
She is on Meds for all her sickness so hopefully she we get better soon. Justin is also on meds and well Ethan hasn't had a fever long enough or high enough to see the Dr yet, I haven't gotten sick yet so I I thank God for that, because one of us has to stay healthy to keep it together around here. :)
Samara has an eye appointment this Friday to see if there are any issues with her sight (routine) and more bloodwork.
So let me focus on the good, Samara sleeps so well at night. She goes down around 8:30-9:30 and sleeps until 7:00. Can't ask for more than that. Naps are not as good during the day but we will get there.
Ethan is acting out alot and being defiant. It's been really hard lately but this too shall pass. Hopefully. :)
We have a hearing test scheduled next week for Samara(routine as well) but I need to make sure her ear infection is cleared up first.
We are ALL still trying to adjust. Still only been a week and half since Samara has come home. We are so Thankful for her and Ethan. We love our family and know that even though these are hard times we ARE FAMILY and nothing will change that. Nothing!!


  1. You've got that right Leah, you always have each other and that will get you through all the tough times. Keep focused on the positive - it will all get better in time.

  2. Samara has her "forever family," and we pray Justin gets better soon and Ethan doesn't get sicker. We also pray for her blood work, eye and hearing exams. It's great to hear that you guys are doing better. God Bless you all. Wow, she seems to have adjusted from Russian time to U.S. time quite well in terms of sleeping. That red hair of hers is gorgeous, by the way!