Apr 25, 2010

Samara has been home now for over 3 weeks....

and we are so very happy. That's not to say that we don't still have so far to go with her but we can see everyday how much more comfortable she is becoming.
She loves to play chase around the house with her brother. It's so neat to watch them play as Ethan will run up and down the hallway and she tries to keep up (she is walking well but still wobbly) she laughs at him running. SO cute, and he thinks it's great that she is interacting with him. They do have some sibling rivalry but that is to be expected. She is so determined. Just like our Ethan.
On the health side of things we are still struggling a bit there, she had her eye appointment on the 16Th and the Dr said she may be a little near sighted. Other than that she did well and he had great things to say. We go back in 6 months to check them again to see if they are getting any worse.
Her hearing appointment was this past Tuesday and she did well, she had some slight low tone hearing loss, due to fluid on the ears. Which meant her ear infection that she was on Antibiotics for, for 10 days didn't take care of it. We went back to the Dr on Wednesday for her ear infection and cold that didn't clear up and she is now on a stronger antibiotic. Ethan is also on an antibiotic for a sinus infection. It's been a rough week of sickness. Poor kids.
When we went to the Dr on Wednesday we went to my regular pediatrician which this was the first time she had met Samara.
I have to be honest I was a little depressed after this Dr's appointment because I was hoping for some weight gain or some sort of growth for our little girl, and nothing!!!! Not even an ounce, in fact she had lost a few ounces. I cried because I felt defeated, I had worked so hard to try and get her to eat good and get her to eat this high fat diet, but shes still sick and we are not sure her parasite is gone either. We have to take her fecal again to make sure. Have to wait 10 days from when she got off her med's for it. We can start this Tuesday.
Our Pediatrician was concerned about her lack of eating, her small size, her very small head size, and it's preemie shape. Also she checked her hips and heard clicking, so we were given orders to go down the hall and get x-rays on her head and hips. Results came back and everything was normal except she has low one in her hips, all that means is that she is very limber and can spread her legs like frog. This will change as she gets older, or maybe not...maybe we will have a little Russian Gymnast on our hands. :)
Our pediatrician is still concerned about her head, so this Tuesday she ordered an MRI for her brain to be done to rule out any damage or lack of growth due to being premature etc.....She will be sedated. YUCK! Poor little baby, at least I feel like they're checking everything now and making sure there are no underlying issues that would might be missed. I would rather catch it sooner than later and get her help, if this is the case. We are hoping and praying that everything comes out fine and proves their instincts wrong.
Either way she is our little girl no matter what. We love her. If you think about it please say a prayer for her. We also made an appointment with neurology for her because it takes a month to get in. If the MRI comes back good I'm not sure we will keep this, depends on what the Dr says.
We also have to take her back to see the pediatrician on May 5Th to check her ear infection has cleared up and she wants to check her weight. On May 12Th she has her one month follow up with Cincinnati Children's to check her progress and to get lots and lots of shots. I am really hoping to get her better soon, I only have 8 weeks off with her and it's already half over and no progress on weight or getting her sickness cleared up. It's hard to work on so many things at once. Bonding, attachment, her health, development, Dr's appointments/testing, a schedule...etc... If we can pull it off I'm going to try and take off some more time if possible. It's hard when you are going unpaid but it's so critical for her right now. A few pics!
Daddy and Me!

I have spirit hands when I walk, keeps my balance. So precious!

I hate that this pic came out blurrry, but I love it still. She LOVES her sit and spin. She doesn't sit and spin, but it lights up and plays music and she thinks its great. Look at that grin on her face!

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  1. You all are in our prayers! We're keeping hopeful that all health issues with her will clear up as quickly as possible and that you will continue to be as strong and positive as you have been. You are a beautiful family and quite clearly, God intended for Samara to be a part of it. You're doing great!!!