Apr 10, 2010

Hello....a little update..

It's Saturday morning and Samara is napping in her swing while Ethan is playing with his new Thomas the Tank Trains (motorized) that some of Justin's Co-workers got him and trying to wake up Samara....He has started to act out because of the new dynamic.
He still loves his sister but not being as loving as he was a few days ago. LOL....that didn't last too long. All in all things are going pretty well.

On Wednesday I took Samara back to Children's to have her TB test read, She did have a reactive result, which means she has the TB virus, either a result from being vaccuinated or being exposed to it. Anyway the good news is she is not contagious so no one can catch TB from her. She had chest x-rays which came out rather cloudy, but since she has a cold we will repeat them in a few weeks. We also found out that she has Giardia (parasite) this is a big reason why she is so small and is not growing like she should. So the good thing is we are treating this and hopefully she will get rid of this soon and be able to start eating better and keep the nutrients that those parasites are taking away. Our poor little girl has been through so much and God only knows how long she has had all of this. So it's no wonder she was labeled with "Failure to thrive".

We are praying daily that she will get better soon, we are already seeing a difference in her and we have only been home a week. Her hair is growing and I think she may have gained a little weight. Please when you pray say a prayer for her. Especially that we find all of the issues she may have so that we can get her better.

She is on Meds that are for 10 days so we do not go back to the Dr's for a little while.
I still have to take her for hearing and vision appointments but I cannot make the hearing appointment until her ear infection is gone.

Ok gotta go she just woke up and is starting to fuss....I'll update in a couple days


  1. I am so glad you are home and doing well. The Rigsby's pray for you every night!! Love ya!!

  2. Praying for you guys daily! God Bless! I hope we can talk sometime when things settle down for you and the family. We also look forward to meeting her sometime, but are completely patient with you because we know things are rough right now. We will pray for you every single day and night and add you to our prayer list at church!

  3. Good to know that there are some physical, treatable issues that you can fix and get her thriving! I'm sure in your care she will grow by leaps and bounds very soon! Can't wait to see you all soon!