Apr 18, 2010

Getting more used to my Bath!

Still a little unsure of my bath but I didn't cry this time!!!
Washing My hair.....
I love Lotion time!
I'm too sexy for this Robe!! LOL
Look at me Pose! This pic cracks me up!!

So I went against the doctors and decided to just make Samara plunge right into a bath. I know some of you might think this is cruel but it only took one bath of crying and now she doesn't cry. We were doing what they said and just letting her watch Ethan take a bath and put her tub in living room for her to play in and get used to etc....but she wasn't any less afraid of water.
So I just thought she needs to know that bath time can be fun and not scary and I figured she needed to realize that after an actual bath and she has.
Although the first time she cried and shook the entire time. I just spoke very gentle and sweet to her letting her know everything was OK. The second time she barely whimpered when I put her in the water and then was fine (see pic's above for yourself).
She didn't even cry the third time. So now she has had three baths and even though she is not completely comfortable with them as evident by how she holds her arms up high as to not touch the water, her third one was last night and she actually splashed the water with her hands a couple of times. She will be a fish before you know it. :)
That's all for now, It's nap time and I need to get her down.
Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. We can feel them.


  1. Nice going Leah. Just goes to show, a mother knows best!

  2. She will really appreciate the robe photo one day! She's such a cutie, Leah!!! :-) Glad she got used to the bath and maybe sometime she might like toys in the bath.