Apr 29, 2010

Samara is 18 months TODAY!

It's amazing how quickly time flies, yesterday was one month to the day that we picked up Samara from the orphanage. Today she is 18 months old. I cannot believe it. She is a beautiful little girl.
In one month here is a list of her progress:
1.) Walking on her own
2.) Takes a bath
3.) Sleeps well at night (still need to work on naps during the day, she is quite the cat napper)
4.) Babbles Somewhat
5.) Let's us rock her to sleep, (this was great at the beginning and then went through a period where she wouldn't let us)
6.) Gives open mouth Wet kisses - Big improvement from the beginning when she would look at us like we were crazy when we would kiss her. :)

I was hoping that Growth (weight, height and head circumference) would have been one of the above and also her sickness gone. It's hard to grow when you are sick, still on Med's and I still don't think it's going away. :(
Also I was hoping that she would respond to our smile, this seems so simple and I know that this happens at such a young age but when no one has smiled at you, you don't know how to interact . It's not that she doesn't smile or laugh but she will not smile at you if you are smiling at her. You have to tickle her or make her smile.

The really great thing is we had her MRI on Tuesday down at Cincinnati Children's Hospital and everything came back Normal. Thank God!!!!
She has an Occupational Therapy appointment on the 12th along with her shots etc... She also has a Neurology appointment at the end of May, It's takes forever to get in and see the neurologist. Even though her MRI came back normal our Dr still wants her to see a neurologist.

I am going to take some more pic's of her today and hopefully post later on tonight.....

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  1. She is so beautiful and doing good! Keep up the good work Mommy, she has already come so far.