Feb 11, 2010


So I got an e-mail from our agency today and they need some updated paperwork from us. I have been scambling to get an appointment with our doctor for updated Medicals...This will be our 4th Medicals.I think??
I was able to talk the Dr's office into squeezing us in tomorrow at 1:45. :)
Hopefully we can get this turned around quickly. They will have to be Notarized, Certified and Apostilled like all the others too...so another trip to Columbus for Justin. Thanks Babe!!!!
All this is a good thing though...this means that things are moving and they are trying to get us a court date. Please say a prayer that we can turn this around ASAP and we can get that date.
By the way Medicals are only valid for 3 months...our last one was on Dec 1st...so they will expire before we are able to get a court date.This is why they need us to do them again. So hopefully sometime in March we will be going to Court....?????? We shall see

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