Feb 3, 2010


Ok so we didn't get "The Call" but my agency got a response back from our Rep "Svetlana" and the reason there is a hold up is she is waiting on a document that is needed for Samara's file for court. Once she gets this document then they will schedule a court date. Svetlana says she expects to get it any day now....
So at least I know it's not that our paperwork is bad and it's not that Russia changed their mind and decided we are not fit parents. LOL
Whew.... I really needed to hear this. Andrea called me just minutes after I posted "A Lesson on patience". Ok well let's Pray very hard that that document gets there really soon....Thanks to all who tune in to listen to me vent and leave comments. I do read them and appreciate them.


  1. Oh thank goodness. I have been checking every day. I am so glad that you heard something even if it was not "the call". I will be praying extra hard for you that you get your dates soon. Hang in there!!

  2. I finally am able to follow your blog! It's official...I'm an idiot LOL :-)

    I'm praying for you that you can move forward soon...better yet, I'll be specific in my prayers LOL. You need the call by TOMORROW! :-)