Feb 1, 2010

5 Years and Going Strong!

Today is Our 5 year Wedding Anniversary! Time really does fly by. 5 years ago today we said our vows barefoot on Negril Beach in Jamaica. It was very intimate and beautiful. I am so Thankful for my husband who stands beside me through everything. He means so many things to me and I am so Thankful for him. Not that we haven't had trying times because Lord knows we have but with everything we have been through we have grown stronger together. We have so much to be Thankful for. We have been blessed with our wonderful son Ethan. Who brings so much Joy to our lives. We cannot imagine life without him. Now as we await Court Dates to add little Samara to our family we have very Thankfful hearts for all the blessings we have.


  1. Leah! So, happy for you guys! Happy belated 5 year anniversary! I've been checking back for updates! Thanks for being so supportive as we start this journey...