Mar 31, 2010

Introducing...Samara Hope Megerle

Not feeling very fussy...Poor little Girl
Just precious.....I LOVE MY BIPPY!!!!! Just like my BIG brother did.....

Happy Girl....At least in this picture...:)

She usually likes her hats

Hello World.....My name is Samara Hope....

So pretty...

Gotcha Day...In the car!!!! Daddy was so happy and me too....

Wow, what a whirlwind this trip has been....we are so happy yet very exhausted. We have wanted to post so many times on the blog but do not have internet in our's $40.00 a day and free in the it's free for us...too rich for my blood.
She has been very fussy and not feeling well. She is sick and teething...not a good combination, and her world has been turned upside down. She is with two new people, car rides which she has never had, plane ride , living in a hotel room and all new food. Whew, I would be fussy too.
Gotcha Day was crazy....we left Sergei's at 10 am and then a three hour drive to the orphanage and the entire way we were nervous, excited,anxious and happy. Our stomachs had a million butterflies. When we got there we went over her schedule for eating and sleeping...which by the way has been all messed up...another reason to be fussy.
Anyway, they brought her too us in another crazy outfit and we were told to change her into her clothes that we brought. We were being rushed to do it quickly, so we could leave. It was so strange. I wanted to get a bunch of pic's but there was No time, however we pretty much video taped the entire event, so not a total loss. It kind of sucked to be rushed so much but at least we got to leave with her this time, which was so strange and yet so cool.
We got into the car and drove straight to the airport for our flight back to Moscow. What a crazy drive that was. Sergei was speeding and driving like crazy. We were so car sick by the time we got to the airport. On the flight Samara did ok.....she had some fussy moments but all in all was a good girl..she never napped by the way, the entire drive or flight, and needless to say was so cranky by the time we got to Moscow when Val our driver picked us up. She did finally fall asleep in my arms on the way to the hotel...but woke up once we got there. We tried to give her a bath which did not work. She was absolutely petrified and started shaking and we gave her a sponge bath instead..oh well, we will try again. She does not like the stroller either...scared of it as well, so what a waste it drag it over here. Oh well you never know until you try. I will say though that we have met alot of other adoptive parents and all their kids like the stroller. LOL Oh well, for those of you who know Ethan well at all, he was never like any other kids in things he should like or didn't like, so we have another one. LOL
I have so much to tell but poor Justin has been trying to console our little pumpkin butt since I started typing this and just keeps walking around because if he sits she crys...oh lord she is quite the little miss priss already... I guess calling her princess was a good call. We had her Medical checkup on Monday which went pretty good. Boris was her doctor and he said she is not very delayed on her motor skills, but does have Rickets (which is very common) and he did make mention that he thought she was probably a favorite in her orphanage because of how well she interacted with him and she wasn't afraid of such a hairy scary man. LOL
Yesterday was our appointment with the US Embassy and we recieved her Visa to come home on!!! YEAH!!
We also met Kevin and Amy from CA who have court to adopt their cupcake on Friday. We had dinner with them on Monday and they were so great. It was so nice to talk with other couples who know what you are going through. I cannot wait to see pic's of their cupcake....actually they did show us some from their first trip and she is such a cutie. I wish them so much happiness. Can't wait to read more of your blogs!!!
Thank You all for your prayers and thoughts. We have felt them and needed them. We are so homesick. Today and tomorrow are FREE days here, meaning we do not have any other appointments....we are waiting on the consulate to register her. We will get it back Thursday afternoon so we can leave on Friday.
We will try and post again ......Sorry I had high hopes of posting everyday but hasn't been so easy.


  1. OMG, she is beautiful. Praying for your journey back home. Can't wait to talk to you when things settle down and you get her on a schedule! God Bless....

  2. Justin and Leah, I'm so excited for you and your growing family!!! Good luck over the next couple days and safe travels. - Kim

  3. What gorgeous pictures - thank you so much for taking the time out from what must be a whirlwind of a trip to post them. It's great to hear how it's all going over there - you continue to be in our prayers for a very safe return trip home with your little girl. Can't wait to meet her!!!

  4. WOW.... your dreams have come true!! She is beautiful!! Congratulations :)

  5. We are so happy for you guys and can't wait to meet little Samara Hope!

  6. Leah and Justin-- I hope that your trip home was uneventful and that you are settling it at home with your growing family. If there is anything that I can do, please call or email. Thinking of you and home to see you at softball sometime soon. --Kim

  7. Wow!!! She is so beautiful. I cannot wait to read the official confirmation post stating that Samara is home safely with her family. I hope you had a wonderful Easter and are all getting lots of rest. Enjoy this time and know that we are overwhelmed with joy for your family.