Mar 17, 2010

Trip #3 Details......Bringing our daughter home

We leave March 26th from CVG at 1:55pm and fly through JFk and then onto Russia.
We arrive in Russia on the 27th at 10:10am. We have a little bit of a layover and then our next flight is at 3:00pm to Samara.
We arrive in Samara at 5:50pm and we are staying the night with Sergei. Not sure how this is going to be, but we are up for the experience.
We will get up early Sunday the 28th and drive the 3 1/2 hrs to the baby home to pick up our daughter!!!! I can't even believe it! It feels so surreal.
We then will get back in the car (without a car seat which still disturbs me) to drive straight to the airport to catch our flight back to Moscow. We arrive in Moscow at 7:30pm on the 28th.
We will then head to the Courtyard Marriott in Moscow where we will stay for 5 nights. We will be there having Samara's Medicals done and our meeting with the embassy. The really cool thing is we will be in Moscow at the same time another adoptive family that we have exchanged e-mails and blogged with, Amy and Kevin who live in LA, so we will all get to meet. They have Court in Vlad the day we leave.
We will leave Russia for the last time on April 2nd, but this time with our daughter in our arms forever. April 2nd is Good Friday.....this will forever have a different meaning for me!
We leave Moscow at 12:05pm and arrive in JFK at 2:25pm where Samara will hit US soil for the first time and become an American citizen. It will be quite a cool thing! We then arrive home at CVG at 7:35pm on April 2nd. Remember there is a big time difference here...
Not too bad...I can say that now.....not sure how I will feel after our 18 hrs of travel with a new little one. :)


  1. Leah--Praying for yours and Justin's travels and that things go well on your journey home with little Samara. Talking to you as we go through our process has meant the world to me and I can't wait to meet her when things settle down for you guys! Thanks for saying you'll make that list for other families of things we need to know. I think it will be quite helpful. We're also praying that Ethan will be as excited about his new little sister.

  2. Can't wait to meet y'all in Moscow!!! Safe travels!