Mar 8, 2010

Let it snow

Greetings from the frozen tundra that is Samara, Russia! This will be my first official blog post, however I will not call myself an official blogger so bare with me as Leah looks over my shoulder to make sure that I DO NOT jeapordize the integrity of her blog. For those of you who don't know me, or my humor, that was just a small joke, but on a serious note we made the trip to Syzran to see our princess today. When we woke up this morning (for the 5th or 6th time) we were greeted with snow, and the ride to the baby home was filled with snow covered roads and crazy driving. You would think the amount of white death covering the roadway would have slowed Sergei down, but that was not the case. I really didn't know that cars could go that fast that safely when you couldn't even see the pavement, but Sergei mastered it.

After breakfast we were greeted by Sergei at 8:30 am to begin our grueling 3 hour trek through the snow to Syzran. Actually, we were a little concerned about how much the ground was covered and how quickly it was coming down, and thinking that perhaps there might be a chance we would get cancelled. But a little snow doesn't stop the people of Samara!

Upon arriving at the baby home we had to wait for the princess to eat her lunch, and during that wait Leah was able to go upstairs and see her bed and even help feed her, while I was banished to wait in the Dr.'s office with two people I had absolutely no way to communicate with. I'll be honest, there were a couple times I thought they were laughing at me, but that could just be a little paranoia. When they brought our princess down she still had a mouthful of the mush they were feeding her in her little mouth, which I was able to see when she sneezed half of it on my clothes. We took her out in the hallway where we had the absolute pleasure of playing with her for the next hour and a half.

She was dressed in another pink outfit with a little white hanky tied around her head, and she had these cute little red shoes on her feet that were quite mismatched, but oh well. We began playing on the floor with a few of the toys that Leah brought with us, and she really liked the stacking cups and Leah's earring. She was able to stand by herself and was taking some steps while being assisted by us holding her hands. She enjoyed the walking as she giggled alot while doing so. I'm not sure if she remembered us or not but there were no tears or fear when they gave her to us, and she enjoyed playing with us which was apparent by her giggling and smiling.

An hour and a half of your life goes by on a normal day and you don't even miss it, but when you have such a small amount of time to build a bond with a beautiful little girl that will soon become your daughter and a permanent part of your family........that hour and a half is gone in an instant! The only solice we have is knowing that in a couple weeks we will get to make the journey again to bring her home once and for good! Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Off to dinner now, so we'll post tomorrow after our medicals.......and perhaps there will be a couple teaser pics for you!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day. I'm sure it's hard to leave her again but you're so close to having her home with you for good! Great to hear from you on here Justin - you did an awesome job with your post!