Mar 9, 2010

Medicals...They said we are healthy!

Funny, funny day....things around here are quite funny at times.
Sergei was about 35 min late picking us up this morning and then I felt like we drove around in circles for about 45 minutes or more. LOL
Then we stopped and picked up Svetlana (our translator) and drove to a building where she took our chest xrays that we brought from home to be evaluated and we sat in the car with Sergei while she took them in.
It's funny because sometimes it makes you wonder if they really even looked at them. She also gave us an article to read while she was away.
It was about the little russian boy that was killed by his adoptive parents in Pennsylvania. This tragedy happened in August but they just arrested the parents in February. It's a huge uproar over here, Svetlana was preparing us for the questioning we will most likely get from the judge about it tomorrow during court. It's such a sad, sad thing. I only hope it doesn't cause problems for the families who are waiting for court dates, referrals etc.

So the next place we went was to a psychiatrist to be evaluated.... we were like uhhh we didn't know about this. Anyway it was a breeze....Only there for about 10-15 min.

Then it was off to the hospital for examinations. There were approximately 5-6 doctors in the room with us was a little intimadating! Lots of questions and and undressing behind a curtain. Don't ask. LOL

Anyway after that then we had to stop at another place to get another stamp on our documents. Whew then we were deemed healthy! :) LOL

We have the rest of the day to ourselves but I am really tired asI did not sleep very good last night. Justin on the otherhand slept a long time and is now asleep again snoring on the couch next to me. I don't know how he does it. I wish I could sleep like that.

Say a prayer for us...court is tomorrow and Justin and I are nervous....Probably won't be ab;e to e-mail about court until we get to Moscow tomorrow night.

I'll try and post some pic's later today...I know I told you guys I would

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  1. Good luck in court - I'm sure all will go smoothly. What a weird day in Russia. I'll be honest, most of that sounds like some strange dream - right?? Saying a prayer for you today!!!