Mar 12, 2010

Welcome home......

Well, we're back home now for what will be I'm sure a very hectic and rushed couple of weeks before going back to bring the princess home. Our trip home was both exhausting and exciting, and of course very long! I'm not really sure who missed us the most though, Ethan or Quinn, but I'll go with Ethan.

One really cool thing that happened though, is once we made it through all of the security at the airport in Moscow Leah ran into 2 couples who were taking their adopted sons home. One family was from Dayton OH, and the other from Florida. One boy named Maxim was 4, and the other boy was 23 months old. Both families were very happy and were quick to share their stories with us, and this of course helped to reaasure us that the grueling court session earlier in the day was not only worth every minute of it, but not nearly as tough as at first it seemed.

Our flight from Moscow to New York was filled with children who were all in the back of the plane near us, and all of whom which played together very well the entire flight. Not only did this make us miss our little redheaded monster even more, but filled us with anticipation for our next trip. It was a great reminder of how lucky and blessed we've been over the last 8-9 months and how much fun we'll have when the princess gets home.

We were greeted at the airport by Leah's mom, Ethan, Dylan and Evan as our flight arrived early at CVG. Timing was great and we went right from the baggage claim to the van and on the road home. Upon getting home we made a little dinner and spent some time with Ethan before I finally gave in to the exhaustion (did I mention Leah slept for almost 4 hours on the way home from Moscow?) and passed out on the couch.

Ok, now for the one not so cool thing that happened...........we made the decision to let Ethan sleep with us last night as a treat (more for us than him) for being a good boy while we were gone. I'm not sure how many times he told us he missed us soooo much, and loved us sooo much before he went to sleep, and to show us just how much he missed us he woke us up at 3:30 to give us our wlecome home present...............................a belly full of a 3 year old's vomit!!

Disgusting.............the poor kid puked all over me, the down comforter (which was destroyed and went immediatley to the garbage can), the bed and himself!! A bath for Ethan, a shower for me and and a hasmat unit treatment for the bed lasted about an hour before we retreated to the living room and the couch and blow up bed to resume our sleep. So after that extremely long day of travel and fatigue, we were given our gift of love from Ethan!! Welcome Home :)


  1. Just a reminder of the wonderful, wild world of being parents! Welcome home!!!

  2. Nothing brings a family closer than being up all night together. Welcome home!! Pretty soon you will have two in the bed getting sick...YEAH!! We are so excited for you all!!

  3. We'll be at the Moscow Courtyard Marriott March 28th - 30th for our in-country medicals... will you be there then?