Mar 29, 2010

Spending the night "True Russian Style"

I'm not going to share all the details about our night that we stayed with our Driver Sergey and his wife Luda's nice Russian home, who were so nice and very accomadating. They fixed us an absolutely wonderful dinner, Chicken, Fried Potatoes (these were excellent), Russian coleslaw (which I actually liked), vegetables from Luda's Garden that she had jarred from her Garden.. Tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles...YUMMY!!
It was all really good. Then after dinner Sergey took Justin for a "Real Russian Banya" (Shower) ( but I am sworn to secrecy from Justin) LOL, so he will have to tell you all about it if he will ever speak of it again. After Sergey showed Justin how to shower Russian style...Justin showed me...Oh LORDY...Poor Justin.
The next morning they made us a huge breakfast...Eggs over Easy, something like cottage cheese but not really, bread, butter, cheese, fruit, summer sausage, bologna....and of course coffee and tea. They were so nice and so very sweet. We will never forget this experience or their hospatality.....After breakfast we headed to go pick up our be continued.....


  1. A Russian shower, huh? That sounds soooo suspicious...
    Can't wait to hear more - we've been thinking about you guys and anxious to hear how it's all going. Such an exciting time - soon she's coming home to stay!

  2. Can't wait to hear the "to be continued". I am so excited for you guys!!

  3. It was so wonderful to meet you both and your beautiful Samara! She is a doll - what a cute personality and such a good girl at dinner! Kevin and I were very impressed :) Safe travels home... looking forward to watching the magical changes in Samara that come with love and attention. Please keep blogging!